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I’m reading another interesting PR/social media book. This one is called now is gone: A Primer on New Media for Executives and Entrepreneurs, by Geoff Livingston, with Brian Solis. Here are a few tidbits:

  • “PR 2.0 embraces transparency and enables stakeholders in the company, its team, and place in the market and in the future. It encourages participation in online networks and communities in order to spark conversations to help people solve problems and discover new solutions.”
  • “This is our chance to not only work with traditional journalists, but engege directly with a new set of accidental influencers, also known as enthusiasts or citizen journalists. We can talk with customers, now also content producers, directly.”
  • “With the injection of social media tools into the mix, people now have the ability to impact and influence the decisions of their peers and other newsmakers. The wisdom of the crowds is creating diverse markets that drive microeconomies and dedicated ecosystems that are defining the social economy.”
  • “It’s incumbent upon communicators to learn new media, not just on a theoretical level, but as practitioners.”
  • “Blogs and other media offer more raw and authentic information, which readers increasingly prefer over what they perceive as the older, more detached quality of traditional news sources.”

Great stuff! These are the types of thoughts that go through my mind as I expand my communications toolkit with blogging, live-chatting, podcasting, video and the like — supplemented by an increased amount of time devoted to public speaking, attendance at networking events, and one-on-one meetings with PR pros and social media enthusiasts.

These are exciting times. I welcome your thoughts.

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  1. May 30, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    Thanks for sharing. It’s still a highly relevant book!

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