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Is it really new?

A rebirth?Some of the great information that I’ve been reading about PR and social media these days sounds strangely familiar.

For example, I read something recently about the importance of communicating your message through more than just the written word. It reminded me of editors in my newspaper days (long before the Internet came along) stressing that we should have a photo, graph, chart or pull quote with each story. They cited studies showing that readership increases greatly when text is accompanied by a graphic element.

And I remember my early PR mentors telling me about how they would get great coverage in trade journals by including a photo, chart or illustration in their story pitches. Others spoke about getting on TV by pitching compelling visuals.

My first project at the Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services back in 1994 was doing a chart that helped the media quickly comprehend how an abuse case flows through the child protection system — from initial report to family reunification or adoption. My boss wanted this right off the bat, before I began writing anything.

I’ve heard other new media PR consultants talking about the importance of providing relevant content to targeted audiences at consistent intervals. I recall hearing that from an Ohio University professor in the 1970’s.

So, really, to me a lot of this stuff circulating on blogs, Twitter and YouTube really isn’t new. But it’s definitely good. It’s about generating great results by putting time-tested fundamentals into practice.

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