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Building a social media strategy

42-15358637Woke this morning to a brainstorm about my social media strategy. (Knocked me so much out of my routine that I had to make a couple of extra trips downstairs while getting ready.) Here are some key elements:

(1) To expand and nurture my professional and personal networks

(2) To build a community of supporters for my employer by providing valuable information and engaging in constructive dialogue

(3) To share helpful information with PR pros and social media enthusiasts in return for the great info they share with me

(4) To gain hands-on experience with “new” communication tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, BlogTalkRadio, WordPress…

(5) To regularly connect face-to-face with social media contacts — both informally at lunch and/or coffee and formally at meetings of Social Media Cincinnati, New Media Cincinnati, the Public Relations Society of America and others that may present opportunities.

(6) To support the launch of my wife’s upcoming book about “miracle” cancer survivors like her by employing lessons learned in my social media experimentation strategy.

(7) To continually solicit feedback and make adjustments.

As to that last point, I’m trying to be more targeted with my Facebook and Twitter posts. Yesterday, I stopped having all of my Twitter tweets go automatically to my Facebook stream. I’m using Selective Twitter, a Facebook application that allows me to only post the tweets I choose to Facebook.  I’ll report later how this works out.

Also coming: A report on great initial success we’re having with a Facebook ad promoting the Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services fan page.

Stay tuned. And, as always, any comments are welcome!

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