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Facebook advertising boosts number of fans

facebook-logoAs promised, here’s an update about our try at advertising on Facebook. We ran a simple ad with our logo and a list of services offered by the government social services agency where I work. The ad helped us boost the number of fans on our page from 132 to 176. We paid 50 cents per click for two weeks and targeted the Cincinnati area.

I was pleased with the results. I think we added a solid base of fans, a foundation upon which we can build a community with more than a passing interest in our programs and services.

In late January, we put a page and a group on Facebook as an experiment. At first, I aggressively sought friends in public relations, the media, social services and personal social circles — and invited them to join our group and become a fan of our page. I posted news and helpful information daily with a goal of attracting their friends to join, too. This has proved successful.

The ad excites me because it drew people who didn’t know me personally or professional — people who could benefit from our programs and services, or refer people who might. This ultimately could take pressure off of our phonelines and waiting rooms, which are extremely busy due to the economic downturn.

Just today, during a live chat about foster care and adoption on our Web site, one of the participants told me she learned about the chat on Facebook. She had a number of detailed questions about the adoption process. Who knows? Maybe we moved her closer to adopting one of the nearly 200 waiting for adoption in Hamilton County.

Side note: You have got to pay for a Facebook ad with a credit card. And it’s virtually impossible to get ahold of a person. Everything is automated.

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