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Experience with BlogTalkRadio

Ever wanted to broadcast a live call-in program — and have it available for later listening as an archived podcast?

BlogTalkRadio (www.blogtalkradio.com) allows you to do just that.

In the past several months, I’ve been testing this free service. It’s relatively easy to learn the basics. They’ve got some excellent tutorials on the site. The hard part, for me, is overcoming a background lacking in radio broadcasting experience.

I started out by setting up an account for myself, PRMikeInCincy.I practiced by interviewing social media enthusiasts such as founders of New Media Cincinnati, Social Media Breakfast/Cincinnati and Cincinnati Women Bloggers. I learned how to insert non-copywrited music and get interviewees prepared by sending them a list of questions in advance. I kept the shows to 15 minutes, and did them at the same time (mostly) on the same day of the week. I publicized on Twitter and Facebook. Each show got between 15 and 40 downloads, and counting.

Now, I’ve been interviewing program experts on a Hamilton County JFS (Job and Family Services) show. We’ve covered topics such as employment services, adoption and foster care, Medicaid and child support.

My goal is to give people an audio Q/A — something that helps them better understand the basics obout these programs and services.

I’ve ran into a few technical glitches, like the music intro not stopping when I hit the “stop” button during one show. Also, some of the program experts called in late, making me learn how to be nimble on the air. (You have them call a long-distance number, and you call one, too, and do the interview.)

Mostly, though, my initial impression is that this is a low-cost, low-time-involvement way to supplement other communication tools. It doesn’t take nearly as much time as recording and editing a podcast, although the quality isn’t there because it’s live and you don’t edit out your weaker stuff.

To sum things up, I’d suggest it to someone wanting to incorporate audio into their social media offerings to give it a try. Let me know what you think of it.

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