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Putting the social media plan in writing


We’ve drafted a social media strategy for the Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services. I’ll be sharing portions here to get your feedback. Here’s the start….


Due to the economic downturn, the Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services finds itself serving more customers with fewer employees. More than a third of the agency’s workers have been laid off or retired early as the result of a 50-percent decline in state funding. Yet demands for services such as Medicaid, food stamps, cash assistance, child support, subsidized child care, child protection and adult protection have increased. Hamilton County leadership has stressed the need to take innovative approaches to address these challenges. One innovation involves implementing a social media strategy.

Social media goals

• Improve accessibility and transparency — respond to customers’ needs and “put a face” on the agency
• Engage audiences (Don’t just broadcast messages)
• Complement and enhance successful communication processes already in place (media relations, speakers bureau, special events)

Overall objectives

• To relieve pressure on crowded waiting rooms and busy call centers
• To build and strengthen relationships with key influencers in target audiences
• To make potential customers aware of the agency’s many services
• To help new customers efficiently access the agency’s services
• To give quick answers to customers’ questions
• To reinforce positive perceptions of the agency by its peers

Strategic audiences

• Clients/customers, especially those unfamiliar with agency programs/services
• Social service partners
• Taxpayers/voters
• Overseers
• Government peers
• Employees
• Former employees (retired, laid off, moved on to other jobs)

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