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Getting into the tactics


Now that we’ve (1) crafted the Situation Statement, (2) established Social Media Goals, (3) written Overall Objectives, and (4) defined Strategic Audiences — it’s time to get into tactics.

This table describes our various social media methods, administrators (who does the actual posting, chat facilitating, etc.), topics, frequency and measurables.

Next, we’re going to establish measurable objectives for each of the methods based on past experience. For example, our live chats have averaged 10 participants, 15 questions and 74 views. We’ll set a goal of maintaining or exceeding that level.

We’ll include a weekly production schedule and several appendecies such as the breakdowns of Facebook fans and Twitter followers.

And, we plan to get more feedback through surveys and focus groups. A survey of 200-some Twitter followers drew just nine participants, but did give us a little insight. But we want more understanding of how our audiences use social media, so we’ll conduct focus groups and one-on-one interviews.

Any feedback on our methodology from you would be greatly appreciated!

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