Many choices

Take what you like — and leave the rest.

Somebody gave me that piece of advice when I was checking out something new years ago. I’ve found it helpful while planning a social media strategy.

For example, I got a suggestion from someone I really respect in the public relations field that just didn’t work in our situation. (I’m so grateful that he took the time to review a draft of our nearly final social media strategy.)

He recommended that we get our organization’s various program experts involved directly in blogging and other social media — that we should develop a social media policy and then turn them loose. I’ve read case studies where this has been effective for many organizations.

However, it’s not applicable in ours. The main reason is that our program experts are very busy doing their jobs. We already use them in a speakers bureau, in live chats, in some media interviews… The timing is not right to add more PR tasks to their list. There are lots of other reasons, too.

So we chose not to incorporate this expert’s ideas into our plan. Even though this may work for others, it’s not a fit for us.

Have you had a similar experience — a time where the prevailing school of thought just didn’t work for your organization? I’d love to hear your experience.

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