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Lance Armstrong: Social media hero

Lance Armstrong signs autographs in Athens, Ohio, on Aug. 29

Lance Armstrong signs autographs in Athens, Ohio, on Aug. 29

Last week, I got the opportunity to see a social media hero up close. We were at the finish line in Athens, Ohio, on Aug. 29 when Lance Armstrong zoomed across in the first Pelotonia fund-raiser for cancer research.

It’s instructive how social media came into play for me related to this event.

First, I snapped a photo with my BlackBerry of Lance crossing the finish line and quickly uploaded it to Twitter and Facebook. I ran across the street to with my daughter (who captured video on a digital camcorder for posting on our family blog) and got more photos and videos of Armstrong as he signed autographs and did media interviews — for sharing with friends and followers. And you.

I posted a link to the blog on Pelotonia’s Facebook fan page, drawing views from people across the state.

And I learned from Lance’s tweets that he loved riding through Ohio’s beautiful Hocking Hills, that Pelotonia had raised $4 million and that he had headed to Colorado to be with family. I also found out that Doug Ulman, president of Armstrong’s Livestrong Foundation, had been in Columbus the previous evening to visit with Pelotonia kickoff speaker Dr. Gee, Ohio State president and a longtime friend of Ulman, by looking at his Twitter stream.

Back home in Cincinnati, after posting pictures and photos on our Keep the Postive Energy Flowing blog, I Googled an article in my hometown paper about my brother riding in Pelotonia and shared the link on Facebook.

Then, I found Armstrong’s inspiring Aug. 28 talk to riders and guests on YouTube. We didn’t get to attend, but felt glad that some kind people had uploaded video shot from their camcorders.

I share this just to give you a small example of how the world of social media has affected my life and, hopefully, the lives of others. I’m really hoping people will be inspired by Armstrong’s work and that of organizations like Pelotonia and keep cancer research on the front burner. And that social media will play a key part in that.

By the way, Livestrong has created an amazing social media campaign to support its new global fight against cancer. It incorporates all kinds of social media. I particularly find the video clips powerful. Check it out.

Lance will appreciate it!

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  1. November 24, 2009 at 3:10 am

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    • mikeboehmer57
      November 24, 2009 at 8:58 am

      Thank you. I’ve had some trouble with the subscription feature on wordpress.com, but I’ll get that fixed. Meantime, you could follow me on Twitter @MikeBoehmer57. I usually do a post on this blog on Saturday. Take care

      • mikeboehmer57
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        I just added a subscription box on the top right corner of the blog! Thanks for the suggestion.

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