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Getting feedback from fans of our page

pablo[1]I continue to rely on my accreditation training while doing strategic public relations with social media. The four-step process was drilled into my mind while studying for the Accredited in Public Relations (APR) from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) over a decade ago. (Yes, I’m that old, er young!)


With that in mind, we conducted an online survey of fans of the Hamilton County (Ohio) Department of Job and Family Services’ Facebook page. At the writing, the page has 199 fans. (Anxiously awaiting No. 200!!!). Thirty people participated in the survey, giving us much-wanted feedback as we seek to continuously improve the page we launched in late January 2009.

Here are some findings that may be helpful to you.

First, how did we get people to participate? We shared a link on Facebook and Twitter offering a free t-shirt to those who participated. That brought in a few folks. Then, we e-mailed a link to subscribers to our online newsletter. That brought in most. (By the way, the t-shirts were leftovers from our last tax levy campaign. They had been taking up storage space. Don’t tell anyone!)

What did people say? Well, they primarly have become fans to learn about services and upcoming events. One-third also want to use the page to ask questions and offer comments.

Are we hitting the mark? Four in 10 always find our status updates valuable. Six in 10, sometimes. So zero didn’t find them valuable!

What’s most important? Most want information about Medicaid. No surprise. It’s our largest program.

How often? Most want status updates weekly or as-needed, followed closely by daily.

Who? We’re getting visits from our top two strategic external audiences — social service partners and customers.

Don’t give a tweet. Only 14 percent also follow us on Twitter (@HamiltonCoJFS)

Affirmation. Nobody slammed us. Instead, we got comments such as: “I am not always able to read printed information, so it is convenient to have the information available on my facebook when I sign in.”

These are a few highlights culled quickly on a busy Saturday morning. We’ll continue to evaluate the data. Also, I’ve started inviting people to focus groups, luring them with a invite for “free food.” I’ll probably spring for some pizza from my pocketbook. Times are tight, but I really need the info to keep that Four Step Process humming.

Hope you find this helpful as we forge this social media path together!

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