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A tale of Twitter


More and more people have been asking me about how I got involved in social media. I usually give them a brief (hopefully) history about my foray into RSS feeds, audio podcasts, YouTube, Twitter and then Facebook. And countless other social media platforms in between.

But, really, social media revved up for me back in May 2008 when I joined Twitter, the social media network where you share 140-character updates with your friends. (And maybe people who have keyword searches set up on topics you tweet — or write — about.)

I had been reading about Twitter in publications by the Public Relations Society of America, Ragan Communications and others. Keven Duran (@prblog on Twitter), a Cincinnati social media powerhouse, was writing about it on his Strategic Public Relations blog. I asked Kevin about it at a PRSA event, and he said something along the lines of: “You’re going to think this is really stupid at times, but just do it.”

So I did.

I set up a Twitter account, using @MikeBoehmer57 as my handle. I used a professionally done photo and described myself as a PR pro, husband and dad.

Next, I began searching for Cincinnati PR and marketing people to follow. And I started following many of the people they followed. This led me to many national experts in PR, marketing, government communications and the like.

Even though I had been active in PRSA for years and knew lots of PR folks, I got to know a many more — people such as @shannanb and @lmdeaton. I also found out about the Cincinnati Social Media Breakfast and began following many of the professionals who attended its gatherings. Next, I started going to New Media Cincinnati meetings and followed some of this group of social media enthusiasts.

Early in my Twitter journey, I set up an account for my employer (@HamiltonCoJFS) and church (@NTUnityCincy). I mainly use these to promote upcoming events.

As an aside, during the workday, I use @mikeboehmer57 to share links to articles of interest to PR and social media folks. I might promote something we’re doing at work or share a link to a job-related site, since my employer offers job services. I retweet, or resent, tweets from friends at times. I occassionally send them a direct message, usually something of encouragement.

Evenings and weekends, I might send a photo via Twitpic, or let people know what we’re doing as a family — if it’s out of the ordinary.

I should mention that I follow many local and national journalists on Twitter, as well as news feeds from TV stations, newspapers and blogs. I get most of my news from these feeds.

And I read most of the tweets on UberTwitter on my BlackBerry Curve by Verizon and Twhirl on my PC or laptop desktops.

Bottom line for Twitter: I’ve met lots of people, ranging from the president of Lance Armstrong’s Foudation (@livestrongceo) to the husband of a woman successfully battling cancer — and have met face-to-face with them. That’s where Twitter is most valuable: Making and maintaining relationships.

I realize that I’ve got a lot more to share about Twitter: Lessons learned along the way. Stay tuned!

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  1. September 26, 2009 at 8:05 am

    Great post Mike. Twitter has really been a great way to connect with people not only around the globe, but across our city. I personally have made so many friendships, like yours, Kevin’s etc. that I would not have otherwise.

    Looking forward to your next installment on Twitter.

  2. mikeboehmer57
    September 26, 2009 at 4:07 pm

    Thanks Shannan. You have done an amazing job building a strong community of great people through Cincinnati Women Bloggers (@CinWomenBlogger) and your Mommy Bits blog. And I admire how you have used social media in your day job, too!

  3. September 27, 2009 at 1:29 pm

    I scoffed at Twitter too, but I’m amazed at how addictive it can be. I’ve gotten some good news tips, and increased the number of visitors to my blog. And probably increased the profile of the station among the “younger” crowd, by tweeting about traffic problems and breaking news.

  4. mikeboehmer57
    September 27, 2009 at 1:55 pm

    I’ve enjoyed following your news updates on Twitter — and on WLW

  5. October 1, 2009 at 11:47 am

    I love seeing your updates on Twitter, Mike. I think it’s great that you inject a bit of your personal side into it with your professional stuff.

    I, too, am looking forward to what you have to say further.

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