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More social media party animals

Effective use of social media builds powerful networks

Effective use of social media builds powerful networks

Within minutes of last week’s post, I started thinking about other Cincinnati-area social media enthusiasts. Here are a few more to add to the list. Please feel free to add others — and don’t be offended if you’re not here. I’ve literally met dozens of great people here in Who Dey Land.

Julie Bogart (@julieunplugged) — One of the premier bloggers in the area. Really knows how to build a community online: In her case, around the area of home-schooling. Huge Bengals fan.

Mandy Jenkins (@mjenkins) — She is on the cutting edge of the future of journalism, leading the Cincinnati Enquirer’s online efforts. Funny. Shares insightful info. Steelers fan. 😦

Joe Wessels (@cindaily, several others) — Joe has been blogging, podcasting and otherwise reporting online for a loooong time. He is a well-known local personality who shares lots of great info.

Barbara Baker (@barbaraKB) — Barbara is passionate about social media. She’s always up on the latest trends. Like most of these folks, she’s a regular at meetings of Cincinnati Social Media and other old-style face-to-face social media events.

Jim Sutter (@JamesRSutter) — Jim is a video/Web producer with more than 20 years of experience. He does a nice job with an online newsletter — and puts a lot of energy into Clermont County meetings. He organizes Tech Tuesday and pulled together a Clermont County Social Media bootcamp.

Jason Bayer (@jmanstudios) — Knew Jason personally before continuously crossing paths on the social media trail. Found out he’s been doing Web development for a long time. Very respected. Great guy who knows a lot about social media.

Melissa Currence (@currencem) — Has done a great job with social media for Talbert House, a major Cincinnati-area social service provider.

Katy Crossen (@kate_the_great) — Does a lot of fine work for the United Way and other social causes.

Chris Kemper (@chriskemper) — Incoming president of the Cincinnati chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). Thanks to Chris, I’ll be back on the chapter’s leadership team six years after serving as president. He invited me to fill a new role — social media chair. Chris does a great job promoting Cincinnati in social media.

Well, I’ve got more popping into my mind now, but I think I’d better cut it off. Feel free to suggest more in the comments, or to add yourself. The more the marrier!

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