Swimmin’ in SEO

Cincinnati-based SEO firm did a free Webinar called Optimize Everything: SEO and Social Media

Took a swim with a big fish in the Cincinnati social media pond recently. In a free Webinar, Steve Phillips of Purple Trout shared some tips for getting your Web site, blog and social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) at the top of search engine results.

Steve said to keep in mind that people search by word, topic, event and product/service. He then filled an hour with lots of good information. Here are some highlights from my notes and Twitter stream.

Web site

• Tag pdf files: Put keywords in them, using Properties. (I tried this. It’s simple to do). You can tag videos and pictures like this, too, through Properties.
• Look up XML Site Maps with Google. (Google it.) Helps Google crawl entire Web site.
• Use Google Keyword Research Tool to find popular keywords.
• Ask as if each Web page is its own Web site. Should have own title and description to optimize.
• Important to put keywords in pay-for-click campaign ads to optimize for Google searches. Also landing page.
• Tag everything on your Web site — videos, pictures, PDF files, flash.
• Keywords placed strategically within Web site help with search engine optimization.


• It’s all about content and keywords. Tag posts.
• Put your blog’s URL in Google, Yahoo!, Bing. See if being crawled.
Do link-building: Feedburner, Technorati (Submit to Technorati), comment on blogs.
• Put keyword in headline and post entry. Put headline in Google and search for results.
• Don’t just say “I agree” when commenting on other blogs. Contribute to the conversation.


• Facebook has real-time indexing. Keep “posts by everyone” in mind Use keywords when doing status updates.
• Use all tabs (links, photos, video, events boxes…).
• Ask questions to engage participants.
• Invite people to Events


• Optimize Twitter: Use keywords in Tweets – company name as much as possible. Include helpful links. Use company name, products, services. But be helpful.


• Participate in Answers section. Can search keywords for questions in your industry. Be helpful. Answer Q’s.
• To improve search results, have profile 100% complete. Use targeted keywords in headline.

Hope this wasn’t overly technical. Not sure I understand everything! Thanks to Steve for sharing this good information. It was nice swimming in his pond.




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