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Social means face-to-face, too!

“Must read for all professionals. Great info on how to network — and why it’s a continuous process, even if you’re happy in your current job. Quick read. Packed with helpful info. Plan to share with friends who have lost their jobs in the economic recession. (Side note: My wife knows the author, so I decided to check this out. It’s been enjoyable and informative, well worth the time.)”

Even though I’m not in a job search mode, I found the book to be very relevant.
Like many of you, I have devoted a lot of time to social media — many, many hours pecking away at my PC, laptop and BlackBerry.
However, from the start, I’ve tried to keep in mind that this is about forming mutually beneficial relationships — especially with people with common interests to mine.
And much of that relationship-building takes place in-person — at meetings of social networking groups and professional associations, in 1-on-1 lunch or coffee get-togethers, etc.
Bauke gives a lot of great ideas based on her years of experience in career development. You’ll love her fun writing style and real-life examples of what to do and what to avoid.
Do yourself a favor. Pick up this 102-page gem. You won’t regret it!
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