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Eating up that social networking thing

Imagine eating a salad, chicken breast with roasted potatoes and steamed veggies, and cookie with coffee — while tweeting away with a laptop balanced on one leg. (White cloth napkin on the other.)

I got that experience this week at the Cincinnati PRSA monthly luncheon! I tweeted highlights from PRSA national president Gary McCormick’s talk on the @CincinnatiPRSA account. It was part of the chapter’s efforts to take full advantage of its social media tools.

In between bites and tweets, I snapped photos on my BlackBerry and shared them on Twitter and Facebook using Twitpic and my @MikeBoehmer57 account.

Others in the audience retweeted my posts, and tweeted updates of their own. We connected our efforts using the #CincyPRSA hashtag. It was neat to see people who couldn’t attend in person following from their PC’s, laptops and smartphones.

This is just the beginning. Members of the first Cincinnati PRSA Social Media committee — Lauren Doyle, Elliot Campbell and Jeremy Fischer — had a lot of great ideas in our first planning meeting the day before McCormick’s talk. I’ll share some with you as time goes along. We have developed a plan to give PRSA members more value for their membership dollars by beefing up the chapter’s LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter offerings. Hopefully, you can learn from our experiments.

Before McCormick’s excellent talk, I got the opportunity to join a handful of Cincinnati PRSA Leadership Team members for an informal hour with the national leader. He shared a lot of interesting stories about the power of networking with people in your profession. He spoke often about building equity — helping people by giving them job leads or media contacts, serving on committees with them… and then having them return the favor years down the road. He talked about having mentors and mentoring people. He explained how he strategized to get his job at HGTV and win election as PRSA president. (He had a written plan with lists of people he needed to “touch.”)

It reminded me that social media is just a tool (method, tactic), something that enables us to build and nurture relationships cemented by in-person contact. It’s about more than munching on food and pecking away at a keyboard. Those talks I had with the PR pros at my table beforehand were vital, too. 🙂

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