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So you say you want a revolution

David Pescovitz fired the imaginations of the 400 in attendance at Bold Fusion


As I sit here writing this blog post on a rainy Saturday morning in Cincinnati, I’m participating in a revolution! 

I’m proud to contribute to the “maker revolution,” a term I learned from writer and futurist David Pescovitz during the excellent Bold Fusion event sponsored by the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber Hype Initiative. About 400 young professionals attended the annual conference. I had the honor of joining a half-dozen “twitterati” live-tweeting the event. (See my tweets from April 29 on @MikeBoehmer57). 

Pescovitz talked about how people have embraced social network platforms  to solve real-world problems. He described a shift from R&D labs to R&D communities. He spoke of networked artisans — an environment where garage inventors gather at maker meet-ups and often connect online.

I found his talk and comments from Cincinnati innovators such as Valerie Jacobs, Chris Ostoich, Erika Brown, Chris Graves, Amy Storer-Scalia, Meredith Holthaus, Pete Healy, Elizabeth Edwards and Steve Burns VERY INSPIRING. 

Comments such as these really resonated with me: 

  • “Don’t think about or try to see the future–make it, create it.” — David Pescovitz
  • “Celebrate hackers… someone who pushes a technology to its breaking point,” — Pescovitz
  • “If you’re talking about innovation, you have to get over the fear of failure.” — Chris Ostoich of Blackbook and Secret Cincinnati
  •  “Are you ready to let me fail?… Let’s just give it a try.” — Chris Graves of Cincinnati.com
  • “One way to drive innovation inside large organization is to work with a smaller entity from the outside.” — Steve Burns of AMP Electrical Vehicles
  • “P&G reeaaly believes in innovation… We’ve got a lot of upper management support.” –Erika Brown, P&G

After reviewing the past 15 years, Valerie Jacobs of LPK forecast some hope for 2010 and beyond with trends such as “Hactivism” and Garage Innovation.

“They will lead us into cool, awesome future,” Jacobs said. 

I really looking forward to being a part of it!

(Sidebar: While I was writing this, my wife was putting the finishing touches on a book called From Incurable to Incredible: Cancer Survivors Who Beat the Odds that we are self-publishing. She also does a blog called www.miraclesurvivors.com to inform and inspire those affected by cancer. My daughter was writing a short story and recording a song she wrote on a digital recorder. We love the “maker revolution.”)

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