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Do you have a Social Media Policy?

Lots of examples of social media policies available via Google, Slideshare…

Here’s a question we’ve been hearing a lot lately at the Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services, where I work: “Do you have a social media policy?”

Our response has been that social media is covered by our Communication, Information Systems and Ethics policies.

The Communication Policy states that the agency’s Public Relations Office is responsible for all mass communications channels — and only PR staff and Executive Team members may distribute information using them. It also has guidelines relating to design standards, crisis communication protocols and the like.

Meanwhile, the Information Systems policy states that employees may only use agency equipment for work purposes, other than incidental usage. And the Ethics Policy speaks about not misrepresenting yourself, showing favoritism, etc.

However, as we researched best practices, we decided to write a stand-alone Social Media Policy. This will spell out some nitty-gritty details, such as requiring use of a work e-mail address while setting up a presence on a social networking site. It will offer guidelines for what can be posted, and who can share…

I found a wide variety of social media policies using Google and Slideshare. County and city government, colleges, hospitals, corporations and others have posted actual policies on the Social Media Governance site.  I plan to incorporate bits and pieces that seem to fit in our organization.

Please check back. I’ll share our policy once it has been completed. I’d love to see yours, too, if you’ve written one. We can learn from each other.

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