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Boot Camp Digital: Marching ahead with social media marketing

If you were reading the @MikeBoehmer57 Twitter stream this past week, you saw a lot of great stuff about social media marketing. It wasn’t original. It came from one of the top social media experts around, Krista Neher. My wife (@TamiLB) and I had the great fortune of attending Krista’s 2-day Boot Camp Digital in downtown Cincinnati.

Krista gave us a crash course on all aspects of social media marketing in the 9 a.m.-5 p.m. sessions. We walked out of the Carew Tower with a thick binder of helpful materials, the start of a written social media marketing strategy, a list of local resources and events, a cool black hat, and — for me — a list of 33 specific tasks for followup. Krista’s also going to give attendees a copy of her forthcoming book and a half-hour of consulting time.

I really appreciated the strategic focus of the camp — how Krista walked us through the various stages of the brand-building cycle: Awareness, Consideration, Preference, Experience and Loyalty. She explained how you can use social media strategies to influence each of the stages. She also helped us prioritize objectives such as “humanize your organization/give a personal ‘face’ to the organization” or “build relationships and community with current customers.”

She even gave worksheets designed to help social media practitioners better manage their time. Her main tip: Devote a set amount of time each day to social media business purposes. Save personal social media for another time.

Krista stressed the need to Listen, Build A Social Media Strategy, Develop Great Content, Publish and Share Content… She went over social media “rules of engagement.”

If you haven’t already, please check out the tidbits on @MikeBoehmer57 on Sept. 7-8. Also, I highly suggest that you read Krista’s blog.

(Disclosure: My wife and I were guests for the bootcamp.)

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