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Powerful cause marketing

My wife and I feel fortunate to have experienced effective cause marketing firsthand during a fun, rewarding, enriching weekend in Atlanta in late October.

Tami was honored as one of eight Pink Power Moms selected by Kids II, the manufacturer of Bright Starts products. Each year since 2006,  Kids II has honored and connected movers-and-shakers in the grassroots breast cancer movement as part of its Pink Power Mom effort.

This year, they flew eight “power moms” selected by a committee of Kids II employees to Atlanta. A “super power mom” — Tracie Metzger of Cincinnati-based Pink Ribbon Girls — chosen from the previous year’s winners played a leading role. Each power mom brought their significant others. (I got to meet several husbands, moms and close friends.)

We received royal treatment — deluxe travel, a modern suite hotel room, two-hour in-room massage, two evening events, a private box at an NFL game, meals… I can’t even list all that they did. It was that elaborate and extensive.

Each winner was awarded $5,000 for the charity of her choice. The super power mom received another $20,000 and got to appear in advertisements.

We had lots of opportunities to interact with the other power moms and Kids II staff. Powerful bonds were cemented in the long weekend. We plan to stay connected to the power families long after this weekend. We came away with new ideas and thoughts of how to support each others’ efforts.

Most of the power moms have started their own organizations. Tami has used technology to help many through her blog and book. She also volunteers at a number of organizations and is a great mom to our daughter.

Kids II is committed to this cause — beyond the pink ribbon marketing of so many other organizations. They have fostered connections and contributed to the grassroots movers-and-shakers, the moms who have survived breast cancer and want to help others do the same. Powerful, for sure!

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