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Some tips for enhancing your LinkedIn experience

In May 2011, American LinkedIn users spent an average of 15.4 minutes on the site. Meantime, Facebook users averaged 374.9 minutes on the site. 

That statistic caught my attention in an interesting article about LinkedIn in the most-recent issue of Bloomberg Businessweek. The article described how LinkedIn plans to enhance the site to draw more visitors and keep them there longer. It also spoke about how competitors are producing similar career-related services for platforms such as Facebook.

When I talk about social media marketing, I encourage people not to overlook LinkedIn. I share success stories relating to personal branding and marketing of my wife’s book, From Incurable to Incredible: Cancer Survivors Who Beat the Odds. For example, we visited with cancer coach Mark Roby in Detroit upon return from a vacation in Ontario, Canada, to Cincinnati. My wife met Mark through LinkedIn.

Here are a few practices I’ve found helpful with LinkedIn:

(1) Keep your profile current. Give it a quick read monthly and tweak the wording if necessary.

(2) Integrate offerings from Slideshare, Amazon and WordPress that automatically update your profile with your latest blog post or PowerPoint presentation. The Amazon tool allows you to share with readers reviews of books you’ve read.

(3) If you’ve got an Android phone, use the new app to keep up on updates from your network and invite connections. They’ve improved the app considerably.

(4) Participate in LinkedIn group discussions. Share links to helpful blog posts or news items. Comment on discussion threads.

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time on Facebook. But, if you want to enhance your career possibilities or possibly drum up some business, don’t forget LinkedIn. It’s a powerful tool, extremely potent. Please feel free to share any more tips in the comments below. 

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