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Did Google get it right with social networking this time?

At first, I was in denial. After coming back from a relaxing family vacation in Canada, I kept hearing more and more about Google+. But I acted like it didn’t exist.

“That’s all I need,” I thought, “another social network to manage. I love my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I’ve invested so much time into building communities in those social networks. Don’t add another one. I don’t have the time.”

But then, everyone in social media marketing that I admire started singing its praises. A discussion thread on the Social Media Health Network (Mayo Clinic) grew and grew. My RSS feeds loaded up with posts about this new social network. Videos began popping up on YouTube.

It was time to give it a try. Yesterday, I put out a plea for an invite — and got one immediately. Within minutes, I was adding friends, associates and social media gurus to my circles. I was amazed. Nearly everyone I know in the online space was already there! See what happens while you’ve “gone fishin’.”

Soon, I had read and viewed a number of posts and videos about Google+. I had added the app to my Android phone.

Based on my initial impressions, I think Google may have gotten it right with social media this time. I think they’ve come up with a good cross between the best of Facebook and Twitter. Great design. Easy to use. Friendly to Android. And everyone (almost) is there!

How do you like Google+?

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