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Crazy Sexy Cancer connection

Last week, I had the great fortune of hearing Kris Carr speak at a fundraiser for The Pink Fund, which provides emergency assistance to women and men in Michigan facing financial disaster due to their breast cancer.

My wife Tami, who blogs for the Pink Fund in addition to her own www.miraclesurvivors.com blog, was a guest. I got to be “Tami’s husband” once again!

Seriously, though, it was very inspirational to hear Kris tell how she changed her lifestyle and used her creativity to thrive in the nine years since she was given a grim prognosis. She has produced a deeply personal documentary and written three best-selling books. Her sense of humor and genuine personality endear her to thousands, including my wife — and me.

So why am I writing about this on a blog devoted to public relations and social media marketing?

For one, I got to observe first-hand the power of social media and the Internet in bringing together people like my wife, Kris Carr, Molly MacDonald of The Pink Fund and many of the 400 at the luncheon. Several Stage IV survivors searched out my wife and told how her writings have helped them as they go through the ups and downs of living with persistent cancer. They got a chance to connect face-to-face after first developing relationships online.

Then, I got to see my wife chat with Kris Carr before she signed a copy of her most-recent book for Tami. And my wife gave her a copy of From Incurable to Incredible: Cancer Survivors Who Beat the Odds in return. It was truly a special moment for Tami and me.

Afterward, we both tweeted our appreciation. And, to our surprise, Carr tweeted back!

Isn’t this what all of this blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, Google+ing, LinkedIning… is all about: Developing and fostering relationships?


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