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Social media communities thriving in Cincinnati

Top photo — Daniel Johnson Jr. at New Media Cincinnati. Middle — Andi Ferguson at Cincinnati PRSA. Bottom — Kevin Dugan at Cincinnati Social Media.

Cincinnati has a powerful, passionate social media community. Take this week, for example. Within six days, I attended afternoon, noon and morning meetings of three excellent groups — New Media Cincinnati, Cincinnati PRSA and Cincinnati Social Media

At New Media, Joanne Maly and Jodie Heflin shared helpful tips about Pinterest, the social media network that’s got so much potential for businesses and support communities. Maly gave a number of tips, such as the importance of filling out comments sections to improve SEO and using  the Google Chrome extension for efficienty. Heflin explained how she has helped build a community of parents like herself who have children with diabetes. Highlights on the #NMCincy hashtag on Twitter.

At Cincinnati PRSA, Andi Ferguson offered a number of case studies involving businesses that have tapped the power of Twitter to achieve business goals. I especially liked her description of a Twitter party she led for Verizon Wireless. The party involved a hashtag, paid moderator and respected panelists during an hour time slot convenient to the target audience. There were prizes every 20 minutes and answers to commonly asked questions. Thanks to numerous retweets, Verizon got a huge bump in the number of followers of its Twitter page. For more, see the #CincyPRSA hashtag.

At Cincinnati Social Media, Craig Daitch of Ford spoke about the car-maker’s sophisticated social media strategy. Ford leaves many others in the rear-view mirror as it leads social movements that translate to betterment of communities–and increased sales of its vehicles. I invite you to check out the #CincySM hashtag for more from this event. 

If you live in the Cincinnati area, hope to see you at an upcoming event! If not, maybe we’ll connect virtually as I tweet and share via this blog. Thanks for being a part of this, wherever you are.

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