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A growing list of reasons for opening access to social media for all employees

Here is a list of reasons for opening social media access to all employees from sources such as the Social Media Health Network and Shel Holtz. Please feel free to add any more, as well as possible risks for doing so. 

(1) Giving a double message — If you tell employees to Like our Facebook page or Twitter account and then block them off.

(2) Confusion/uneven blocking — It’s a big headache to decide who gets access and who doesn’t.

(3) Missing a great opportunity for employees to serve as brand ambassadors. Passionate, caring workers are your greatest advertisements.

(4) Contributes to a culture of mistrust. Blocking gives a message that you don’t trust people to get their work done, that you fear they will put social networking ahead of their work.

(5) Studies show that workers with open access are actually more productive. There are a lot of benefits to being able to connect with your networks to talk about business-related matters.

(6) This is how people communicate now. What’s wrong with doing a quick check of your Facebook or Twitter during a break?

(7) There is more of a risk of viruses and other security problems via e-mail than through social media. We can remind people not to click on suspicious links or do other things that might enable malware to infect

(8) Most organizations monitor social media for mentions of their brand names, so they can tell if any problems exist. Also, they have crisis communication plans in place to handle any issues that may arise.


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