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LinkedIn tips and tricks from someone who knows a lot about the social network

This week, Cincinnati Social Media heard from  preeminent LinkedIn expert  Jennifer McClure of Unbridled Talent. Jennifer gave an appreciative mix of professionals and students at Northern Kentucky University an extremely informative update about the social network and a refresher about some of its basics.

Here are some highlights:

* Your LinkedIn profile is your professional online home base. Strive for 100 percent completeness. Be sure to tweak. Freshness matters. Make at least 50 connections. Your profile picture must represent you as a professional.

* Your headline, summary and photo draw the most attention, according to “heat maps.” Be sure that your headline and summary are keyword rich — very important for search engine optimization, and because recruiters and HR folks search for particular words.

* Put five or more skills on your profile. (You can find the Skills section under More on the top right.) This allows recruiters to find your skills and talents.

* LinkedIn members who grow their networks are 30 percent more likely to find jobs. So actively seek connections. Have a connection strategy, such as accepting all or certain invitations to connect.

* Use applications such as the Amazon reading list, Slideshare presentation sharing, blog plug-in under More on the top right. Helps connections and recruiters learn a lot more about you than what’s in your basic profile info.

* Be sure to join and participate in relevant LinkedIn Groups. You may view the group’s demographics before deciding if you want to join. Once you join a group, share helpful content. Be helpful. This builds awareness about your personal brand.

* Don’t overlook the possibility of using paid LinkedIn ads. There are a number of options, and you can super-target.

Jennifer also shared some insightful info about LinkedIn Companies pages. She told us about neat places such as http://developer.linkedin.comhttp://engineering.linkedin.com and http://linkedinlabs.com to find cool, free options. You may find out what companies are trending on LinkedIn Search here: http://swarm.linkedinlabs.com. If you get a chance to attend one of her presentations, don’t miss it. As I said, these are just a few quick notes. She covered a lot more!



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