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Catching up with readers of this blog

When educating newbies about blogging, I stress the importance of consistency — the need to post at least weekly and stick to a theme.

As you can tell, I haven’t followed my own advice in recent weeks.

Life has taken me away from my routine started three years ago of blogging most Saturday mornings. I started the blog because an increasing number of people were wanting to “pick my brain” about social media.I figured this would be an efficient way to share what I’d learned during the week in my role as a social media evangalist.

If you read www.miraclesurvivors.com — my wife’s blog — you know that this has been a challenging year as we search for a treatment to stop her cancer from progressing. Also, you know that she’s been giving presentations in places such as Dayton and Columbus on weekends.  I get the pleasure of attending many of her talks.

Also, I’ve been super busy in my exciting job as media manager at Catholic Health Partners, the largest health system in Ohio. I’ve been laying the groundwork to transform CHP into a “social business,” as described in the books reviewed on this blog earlier this year.

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with Instagram. Took the above photo of the Cincinnati Art Museum this week from my office building with my Android phone. Right now, I’m doing my first blog post on a refurbished iPod purchased off the Apple website, along with a Zagg keyboard. (Thanks for the suggestion, New Media Cincinnati friends!)

I’ve got lots of great things to share, but maybe not as frequently — at least for a few weeks — on this blog. I do share mucho stuff on Twitter (@MikeBoehmer57).

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to connecting with you here or elsewhere in the future.

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