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Good PR is a process, not an event

Lately, I’ve been reminding myself of some of the basics that have served me well in my role as a communicator. Thought I’d share a few here. Hope you find them beneficial.

* Repetition. Someone shared a study with me years ago that has proved to be a truism — you must repeat a message seven times to just build top-of-mind awareness. People are busy and their attention is distracted by bombardment with competing messages. You can’t expect to just say something one time — in one venue — and have them “get it.” A helpful slogan is “it takes repetition to achieve penetration.”

* Patience. Another key learning was about the diffusion process — the steps such as awareness, interest, research online, discussion with friends, trying out mentally, test-driving… You need to help people go through the process to achieve your ultimate goal.

* Process. Guess this ties into patience, but I read something recently that described the Diffusion of Innovations by Tungsten. It shared these percentages of the population when it comes to diffusion of innovation — Innovators (2.5%), Early Adopters (13.5%), Early Majority (34%), Late Majority (34%), Laggarts (16%). I’m usually in the Early Adopters crowd and get frustrated at times with the Late Majority and Laggarts. It’s helpful to remember that it takes time for a good percentage of the population to move ahead with innovations.

In this time of real-time, I-want-it-now communication, it’s good to pause and remember to be strategic, plan, take things one step at a time, and keep moving ahead.


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