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Guy Kawasaki makes me want to give Google+ more of my precious time

I’ll have to admit it. When Google+ launched almost exactly a year ago, I went into denial. I was already stretched with blogging, Facebooking, Twittering, LinkedIning and lots of other ings that I can’t even remember. Not another social network, I thought.

But then I kept hearing about Google+. Over, and over, and over.

Hey, I’m supposed to have at least some expertise in the top social networks. So I asked for an invite, promptly got one, and started to check it out. I got all enthused. Put the app on my Android phone. Started trying the many features Google had built into its social network. Found some top social media minds sharing there. Liked it!

Then, I found out that LOTS of people in healthcare (doctors, IT, PR/marketing) connect via Twitter and LinkedIn. So Google+ got pushed down the list. Briefly, I started playing around with Google+ again. Then, along came this thing called Pinterest. Had to check that out, too, in between my compulsive Facebooking and testing of fun networks such as Instagram. I’d devote probably 5-10 percent of my social networking time to Google+.

Well… Here I was again staring at Google! I’ve been doing a series of social media lunch ‘n’ learns. And an upcoming topic was Google+.

That let me to What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us (Version 2.0) by Guy Kawasaki. The e-book cost me just 99 cents on my Kindle Fire. Best buck I’ve spent in awhile. Kawasaki does a great job explaining the advantages of Google+. He walks you through features such as the ability to go back and edit a status update — something you can’t do on Facebook or Twitter — and the simplicity of doing video meetings with Hangouts. He also goes over basics that apply in all social networks, and gets you generally fired up about devoting time to Google+.

Thanks Guy. Well, it’s time to get off of WordPress and head over to +. Hope to see you there!

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