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Looking forward to a great 2013

MC900444925[1]As 2012 draws to a close, I ponder what to do with this blog. For the first several years, I posted most Saturday mornings. This gave me the opportunity to share what I had learned about social media, public relations and digital strategy. And it presented me with first-hand experience as a blogger.

But, as personal and professional demands encroached on my precious time, this blog moved down the priority list. At times, I thought about just deleting it. I felt bad about not following my own advice of posting once a week. I really did.

But, then, I noticed that people were reading some of my old posts. Hopefully, they found them helpful.

So I’ve decided to just keep this here and post when I get a few minutes.

As 2013 starts, I’m really looking forward to implementing some of the concepts in books such as Smart Business, Social Business: A Playbook for Social Media in Your Organization by Michael Brito. My goal is to extend the efforts of a multi-disciplinary Social Media Task Force I had the fortune of leading at Catholic Health Partners. The task force went through an extensive process to revise and implement CHP’s social media policy. We’ve been working on many internal education efforts such as an I-Learn course, webinars, training videos, a social media toolkit that will help with presentations… Lots on our plates, for sure. I’m also planning to teach myself how to do more with online video shot from an iPhone. Should be interesting!

In 2012, I learned a great deal through the Social Media Health Network, led by Mayo Clinic. In Cincinnati, there seemed to be less offered, as New Media Cincinnati went defunct, and Cincinnati Social Media didn’t offer quite as many events. (People are busy with their day jobs!) However, Boot Camp Digital has stepped up and offered some great in-person and online sessions. And Cincinnati PRSA is always great.

Long story short, time permitting, I will periodically share  what I’ve learned at work and through my attendance at workshops, meetups and conferences as well as the many books I’m always reading. Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s a pleasure to connect with you here! 

Happy 2013!

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