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What content works best?

What makes great content? Stories about trips to cool places like Alcatraz!

What makes great content? Stories about trips to cool places like Alcatraz!

At a recent Cincinnati PRSA breakfast, Matt Trotta, BuzzFeed’s East Coast vice president, explained how brands can increase brand affinity and purchase intent by creating quality content that users want to see and share with their friends. (BuzzFeed is a news and entertainment website — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BuzzFeed)

He first gave this view of the media landscape:

  •  Mobile is the future
  •  Social is mobile (BuzzFeed had 100 million visitors last month, and 50-60 percent shared content via mobile.)
  • Animals have become the new Leisure section (Millennials have grown up with cute animals… It’s about content you know your audience wants.)

BuzzFeed has learned this about content:

  • Readers want to be inspired
  • Identify niche communities and create content for them
  • Humor is popular
  • People love to share nostalgia and talk about it
  • Cute animals deserve respect
  • Lists are popular: 31 things no one tells you about being a parent, etc.

“Good content will find its audience,”Trotta said. “When you create more content over time, you will see your lift go up… you will find what works. Be sure to create content in the voice of the brand that the audience will share. Experiment. Keep trying.”

A good practice is to be on the alert for hot topics… where it makes sense to join the conversation in brand voice. Also, have “evergreen” content ready for use.

BuzzFeed uses a real-time dashboard to measure social views… and has learned how different content behaves differently on different platforms. For example, content stays hot on Twitter for 24/48 hours and dies off. Meanwhile, DIY, food and beauty content grows in popularity on Pinterest over 30 days. By the way, funny content is more likely to be shared on Facebook.

Examples of good social campaigns, with audiences pulling content to reinforce brand identity: Pampers Love, Sleep and Play created content around a busy baby. Charmin’s 14 things only read in a bathroom.  Columbia jackets’ regional campaigns – 10 ways to survive Midwest winter, and New England winter.

Some food for thought as you develop content strategies!


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